Alaknada Hydo Power Co. Ltd

Project Description

Doctors 4 Building Pvt. Ltd. offers core cutting solutions with great expertise and are extended under the supervision of our dedicated engineers who help us in offering easy working, lower noise levels. D4B carry core cutting works for water tank inlet outlet holes, Toilet outlets holes, Ac outlet holes, Fire fighting pipeline holes, drilling holes in R.C.C. structure (beam/column slab) of dia. more than 25mm to 450mm can be done with diamond drilling system.

To know the compressive strength of existing beam, column or concrete structure D4B can recover the core from exiting building. Openings cut through reinforced concrete, precast concrete, brick, cinderblock, and other structural materials. Openings cut through floors and walls. Cuttings to remove part or all of existing walls. Cutting openings for large diameter pipes etc. Our professionals will make work easy for you, as they have a reliable process approach and meet the deadlines.

Project Details

2,050 Sqmt
Rs. 1,046,930
Anti Bacterial Polyurethane Flooring